The Metaphysical View of Death and Life After Death

To conclude this segment might we just incorporate that Newton’s subjects emphasize strongly that God isn’t the moment viewed in the higher realms, While a solid experience of a Supreme Electrical power is felt ruling the ongoings of devachan, or “heaven,” and also the kinetic motion of magnetic streams of Electrical power flowing within the ambiance and ecosystem. This fact denounces specific religious beliefs that in heaven a person would finally see God face to face–for while in the world 1 might not see God’s confront and Reside, just one would definitely behold God’s countenance in heaven. This basic principle continues to be vmisunderstood and misinterpreted for the past two thousand several years; it must essentially be recognized inside a mystical instead of within a literal fashion. It reminds us of Gautama Buddha’s silence when questioned about God–the implication of his refined respond to revealing a profound truth towards the initiated.

Summarizing the scientific viewpoint on death and also the afterlife–based upon decades of mindful psychical, parapsychological analysis–the next conclusions are actually achieved:

1) That individuals are essentially immaterial in mother nature and the human essence, or self-consciousness, survives physical death.

2) That human soul-models exist at differentiated levels of consciousness in Proportions beyond the Bodily light-spectrum, beyond the arrive at of physical sensory notion.

3) That contact with departed souls is a doable feat below sure situations and instances.

4) That every one human soul-models periodically re-embody or reincarnate to carry on their evolution.

5) That each one re-embody based on the regulation of causation, or karma; or soul desire.


As we have found within the preceding chapter, Demise based on the many traditions, metaphysical ordeals and contemporary scientific discoveries, will not annihilate the human soul; and interactions shaped to the physical aircraft do not cease in the termination of 1’s incarnation, as is Ordinarily considered; also, just one’s aspirations, targets and ambitions, even though simply just and seemingly Slice-limited prematurely at a stroke of your scythe through the grim reaper known as Loss of life, is actually introduced in excess of into the Otherside for a further strategic progress that may bloom inside a later incarnation. We’ve also seen that the nature of Demise and also the afterlife could be acknowledged to those people who are prepared to create the necessary sensory faculties on the astral kind and its means of soul-flight. In addition, We now have dealt to some degree of the character of heaven and hell, such as the Judgment, from the varied metaphysical, spiritual and scientific Views. Now we have explained and hinted of a lot of the methods and signifies of preventing those undesired ordeals, states and conditions to be present in the bardo, and also within the lower astral. Non-attachment to your Actual physical sort and earthly daily life is helpful in the whole process of a peaceful and simple changeover, As well as in a easy journey with the bardo–this should be kept in mind. And lastly, with the descriptions by topics of NDEs and communications through the outside of concerning the Loss of life process, we could be confident that dying doesn’t have to entail any mental, emotional or Bodily agony; Quite the opposite, it may well lead to one of the most joyful states that regular souls may well experience at its present evolutionary degree. It provides a certain pre-taste of what the nirvanic state is like when after the soul is liberated and entirely conscious of its divine unity with All of that Is.

Human beings may possibly panic Demise, but “staying useless” is definitely the current state of awareness of the majority of people. To be unaware of 1’s better microcosmic ideas is just a consciousness of death. What separates the noticed from your unseen is the level of 1’s waking consciousness, along with the psychological impurities inside one’s subconscious intellect. There are numerous components in the microcosm earning up what we connect with the divine, human being. The more parts we are knowledgeable and conscious of, the more alive we come to be while in the spiritual perception. Non-knowledge of the upper concepts and realities don’t signify that they don’t exist, it is simply which the school for higher perception has not but been designed. Panic is exactly what closes the veil to spiritual knowing. Once we dread, we circumscribe our consciousness. Dread with the mysterious, is the ignorance of the supply of our anxiety. Identification with mortal rules only perpetuates (or perpetrates?) one particular’s mortal existence as a standard human being–and it also maintains one’s fears. We are supposed to be best–as suggested through the Piscean Master–fantastic in consciousness, in awareness, and in awareness. Attaining immortality, or consciousness of this sort of, needs the shedding of mortal principles, beliefs, attitudes and emotions. With these types of spiritual labour we little by little Develop the link amongst the reduce and higher rules and make sure the continuity of consciousness, and the awareness of your illusory nature of death. With Every single extermination of the false principle we come to be a lot more alive in the spiritual feeling. Demise, “the final enemy,” as declared in scriptures, nevertheless inescapable, will probably be swallowed up in victory when when its maya-character is understood as well as the continuity of consciousness acquired. Death will then shed its sting. Death finishes when as soon as the multidimensionality of one’s currently being is recognized, and when when a single’s liberation through the wheel of reincarnation is attained. What we phone Loss of life is surely an illusion. This can be echoed inside the words of the Taoist poet, Chuang Tzu: